NanoCoat Clear glass protective coating from International Trading & Consulting (ITC) is an easy to apply 100ml DIY bottle complete with a mist spray dispenser.

NanoCoat Clear 100ml glass coating is ideal for new or existing shower screen glass and other smaller areas of glass and will not require a second coat.

ITC’s 100ml system offers a superior coverage of 10m² in comparison to silicon based bi-products that offer less that 8m².

NanoCoat Clear protective glass coating can be easily applied to clean, dry glass by simply spraying directly onto the surface, then using a micro fibre or soft cloth gently spread to coat the entire glass surface in an overlapping circular motion. Once the protective coating has been applied, no curing is required as it will immediately offer unmatched water repellency and hydrophobic properties (self cleaning effect). Only 1 coating is required and will last to protect glass surfaces for up to 3 years.

ITC offers NanoCoat Clear protective coatings for use in residential and commercial applications.

NanoCoat Clear is used throughout Australia by various commercial and residential clients for all glass surfaces. ITC manufactures NanoCoat protective coatings in their own factory in Germany, ensuring high levels of quality control.

NanoCoat Clear protective surface coatings are suitable for all glass types including:

  • Glass shower screens
  • Glass splash backs
  • Exterior windows
  • Glass facades
  • Glass roofs
  • Skylights
  • Glass louvres
  • Automotive glass
  • Solar panels
  • Glazed ceramic wall tiles; and
  • Baths and basins