NanoCoat Paint Protection is a special non-stick coating developed for car paint to repel water and dirt from the painted metal surface.   NanoCoat Paint Protection is different from conventional wax or silicon-based automotive products.  

Once applied on the painted metal surface of cars, the advanced Paint Protection coating does not require the use of cleaning agents. The protective coating only needs to be washed with water at regular intervals, saving both time and money in costly car washes.  

NanoCoat polished surfaces repel most dirt and grime without leaving ugly streaks or white residue. NanoCoat Paint Protection non stick coatings can also be used on rubber, vinyl and fibreglass surfaces to leave a beautiful finish.  

The non-stick invisible coating offers superior surface protection on the painted surface, which is both long lasting and easy to maintain.  

NanoCoat protective coatings for cars will revive old faded paint finishes, resulting in a strong colour revival without the use of buffing machines or aggressive rubbing.  

NanoCoat employs unique nanotechnology in the paint coatings to leave the surface with a high-gloss finish. The car polish will protect car paint, fibreglass and all other painted metal surfaces for 6-8 months and requires a single application.  

NanoCoat Paint Protection is available Australia wide in 500ml bottles that can each coat and polish 2-3 sedans.