Available from International Trading & Consulting (ITC) , NanoCoat Clear is an invisible glass protection treatment for all types of glass. It provides a water repellent, non-stick barrier which is bonded to the glass.

NanoCoat Clear protects glass instantly once applied. No need to wait 24-48 hours for curing before the glass becomes non-stick. Water forms beads which roll off the glass immediately after application.

This instant glass protection, together with the quick and simple application process, makes NanoCoat Clear an ideal treatment for all types of outdoor glass.

NanoCoat Clear protects glass against scale and salt damage, and minimises build-up of foreign matter. Glass treated with NanoCoat Clear remains cleaner for longer.

NanoCoat Clear protects all types of outdoor glass, including windows, glass doors, facades, glass balustrades, pool fencing, and skylights.