NanoCoat Polish for cars from International Trading & Consulting (ITC) is specially developed for car paint to repel water and dirt from the painted metal surface.

NanoCoat Polish creates an invisible Nano protection on the painted surface, which is long lasting and easy to clean.

NanoCoat Polish does not require the use of other cleaning agents once treated. The protected surface needs only to be washed with water. With a NanoCoat Polished surface, most dirt and grime will be washed off by rain.

NanoCoat Polish does not leave behind any streaks or white residue and leaves a beautiful finish on rubber, vinyl, fibreglass and other painted metal surfaces.

NanoCoat Polish for cars will revive faded paint finishes, resulting in a strong colour revival without the use of buffing machines or aggressive rubbing.

NanoCoat Polish will protect car paint, fibreglass and all other painted metal surfaces up to six months with one application.

NanoCoat Polish will leave you with a high-gloss, water and dirt repelling effect on all painted metal surfaces and fibreglass.