Surface coatings specialist, NanoCoat presents an innovative range of bleach free and non-acidic surface treatment products developed to effectively kill mould and algae growth at the root on porous surfaces such as concrete, bricks and sandstone, without causing any damage to the surface or surrounding plants.  

CS Bio Cleanmould and algae remover is completely biodegradable, does not release harmful or noxious gases and is extremely safe to work with on porous surfaces.  

Thanks to a 50% increase in the use of active ingredients in the formulation, CS Bio Clean is extremely easy to use and much more effective than conventional cleaning solutions.  

The formulation kills the protein chains that mould and algae thrive on by penetrating deep into the affected concrete, brick or stone. As it gets absorbed by mould and algae, the time between re-growth is lengthened quite significantly.  

CS Bio Clean mould and algae remover for porous surfaces has attracted the interest of professionals across Australia specialising in brick and concrete cleaning, pressure cleaning, concrete repairs, façade refurbishments and restorations as well as height access specialists among others.  

CS Bio Clean also works well as an excellent and effective all-round concrete and brick cleaning product in residential and commercial environments. CS Bio Clean is ideal for those seeking a safer, greener and acid-free cleaner for solving ongoing and recurring mould and algae problems.