NanoCoat Clear protective glass coating from International Trading & Consulting (ITC) is invisible to the naked eye, yet its effect is clearly visible.  ITC’s glass coating uses the latest in nanotechnology Germany has to offer.

Developed to withstand Australia’s harsh climates, NanoCoat Clear protective glass coating will bond to any glass, new and old.

NanoCoat Clear is a premium alcohol based protective coating which anyone can use on their windows, shower screens, pool fences, balustrades and even automotive glass. The protective glass coating repels water, dirt and other build-up of foreign material, which otherwise can severely harm the surface of glass without even noticing until it is then too late.

Applying NanoCoat Clear protective glass coating to glass is easy. Simply apply to the already cleaned glass surface using a soft micro-fibre cloth and rinse off the excess residue using clean water.

Once treated with NanoCoat Clear invisible glass coating, maintaining that surface is even easier. From time to time, it’s as simple as rinsing down with clean water or the garden hose for pool fencing and balustrades. In most cases, the rain will do that, picking up dust particles as the water droplets roll off the surface.

This unique glass coating system is available from International Trading & Consulting (ITC) in very user-friendly 250ml DIY units.

NanoCoat Clear glass protection coating will keep glass surfaces looking cleaner, for longer.