Available from International Trading & Consulting (ITC) , NanoCoat Clear from is a Silicon free nanotechnology glass coating used throughout Australia and NZ. This glass coating is used by glass, glazing, restoration professionals as well as valued residential clients.

NanoCoat Clear glass coatings have been engineered to be free of any silicon. Conventional silicon based coatings offer little protection against the harsh climatic conditions of Australia.

NanoCoat Clear glass coating provides premium protection and the Quartz (silica) nanoparticles bond and integrate extremely fast to any glass surface. Since glass already contains Quartz minerals, this intergration occurs in under 0.5 seconds. This almost instantaneous bonding results in an extremely fast and easy application process to new or existing glass surfaces.

NanoCoat Clear glass coating requires no curing time. Once the surface has bean coated with NanoCoat Clear, the glass is immediately protected and will offer superior hydrophobic properties.

NanoCoat Clear glass coating also incorporates a slight cleaning element in its formulation, eliminating the need for priming, pre-treatments or vigorous surface preparations.

NanoCoat Clear also has an unlimited shelf life and are available from ITC catering for commercial, residential and application requirements throughout Australia.