International Trading & Consulting  (ITC) is a leading supplier of nanotechnology-based products in Australia. Once applied to a surface, ITC products create a water and dirt repellent, protective barrier on the ultra-small scale (nano scale, billionth of a metre), which is invisible to the human eye. As a result, ITC's products do not change the texture or appearance of any treated surface while providing protection against the elements.

ITC has the latest generation of nanotechnology-based surface protection products for glass, ceramic, stone and metal surfaces. The ITC product range includes the following:

  • NanoCoat Clear: Exceptional nanotechnology glass and ceramic protection treatment, which provides an invisible, water repellent, non-stick barrier to protect the glass surface against scale and/or salt damage, while making the surface easy to clean. NanoCoat Clear works on all glass and ceramic surfaces.
  • NanoCoat Polish: A nanotechnology treatment for painted/coated metal surfaces, which cleans and rejuvenates the surface, leaving it with a water repellent, non-stick, easy to clean, glossy finish. It is not a wax-based product, and can be used for automobile restoration, aircraft maintenance and building protection.
  • Stone Shield: Water based stone protection impregnator for porous and non-porous stone surfaces.
  • Quartz Clean: Universal, biodegradable non-scratching cleaner for glass, stainless steel and engineered stone.

ITC has strong World-wide alliances for supply and new product development. The company has successfully introduced products into various markets all over the world, and has the technical expertise to support its many operations. NanoCoat, Stone Shield and Quartz Clean nanotechnology products from ITC are suitable for the construction, maintenance, automotive, marine and related industries.