MPS Paving Systems  StreetBondSR™ is a Solar Reflective Coating for surfaces such as pavements. It has specialised characteristics
 that minimises the amount of solar energy absorbed by pavement  surfaces otherwise known as Urban Heat Island Effect

Pavments are a leading problem contributing 30-40% of the urban footprint caused Urban Heat Island effect. Cooler pavements are not only
 safer but potentially cut air conditioning bills up to 33% as energy consumption is reduced when Solar Reflective Coating is applied.

Solar Reflective Coating comes in a range of light and dark colours and StreetBondSR™ is an affordable solution for green hardscape design
and can contribute to LEED® credits to sustainable construction projects.

StreetBondSR™ Solar Reflective Coating can be used on untextured asphalt and as a colour treatment in conjunction with StreetPrint stamped asphalt.