MPS Paving Systems Australia offers their LogoTherm services in creating quality digital images for horizontal signage solutions on asphalt and concrete surfaces.

LogoTherm utilises high-quality thermoplastic technology that offers durable, crack resistant horizontal signage solutions, which are suitable on high-traffic roadways.

The horizontal signs will also have night-time visibility with the enhanced LogoTherm reflectivity. The technology also offers skid and slip-resistance to help provide safe walkways for customers and staff.

Features of LogoTherm horizontal signage solutions:

  • High-tech manufacturing to ensure accurate logo and signage representation
  • Vibrant, fade resistant colours
  • Wear and crack resistant
  • Skid and slip resistant
  • Suitable for asphalt and concrete surfaces
The LogoTherm horizontal signage solutions, from MPS Paving Systems Australia, have a team of in-house quality graphic designers to help develop accurate logo representations.

For more information on LogoTherm services, contact MPS Paving Systems Australia or visit their website.