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    MPS Paving Systems Australia

    Asphalt Coating by MPS to Fortify and Seal Outdoor Areas

    MPS Paving Systems Australia offers a range of Asphalt Coating that will not only provide colour and decorative patterns to a range of surfaces, but will also fortify and seal outdoor areas. Asphalt coatings are best suited for areas that are externally exposed and will weatherproof, rejuvenate and decorate surfaces.

    Asphalt coating is an economical solution to repair and seal existing worn asphalt surfaces

    • Flexible to move with asphalt
    • Durable and can withstand heavy wear
    • Installation is fast and efficient
    • Low maintenance surface

    MPS offers a wide range of asphalt coating solutions to ensure quality results that suit outdoor applications.

    StreetPrint™ is an innovative decorative paving system with a patented proprietary technology and application process

    • Realistic brick, slate, stone and other effects on an asphalt base
    • Combines flexibility and strength
    • Cost effective and durable
    • Low maintenance
    • Long lasting colour
    • Resistant to chemicals and stains
    • Offers decorative appeal and elaborate patterns

    StreetBond™ coatings put the colour in StreetPrint™ projects and can also be used in its own right to produce creative colourings on “plain” asphalt or concrete

    • Polymer, cement and epoxy technologies to withstand heavy weather and traffic conditions
    • Durable surface for architectural hardscapes and traffic management applications
    • Vibrant colours ideal for bus lanes and creating highly visible corridors on roads
    • Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable
    • Flexible coating
    • Excellent adhesion properties and peel resistant

    StreetBondSR™ reduces Urban Heat Island Effect that contributes to 30-40% of the urban footprint. Available in light and dark colours, StreetBondSR™ is an ideal and affordable solution for green hardscape design and, can be used on untextured asphalt.

    StreetBond CL™ is the optimal choice for coloured bike lanes on both asphalt and concrete surfaces

    • Skid and slip resistant
    • Durable and flexible
    • Bonds permanently to asphalt and concrete
    • Low maintenance coating that is cost effective
    • Environmentally friendly solution

    TrackBond50™ for race track maintenance applications

    • Cementitious coating for tough and durable coating
    • Will not soften at elevated temperatures for demanding race track use
    • Acrylic based with UV resistance
    • Fuel and oil resistant
    • Durable and flexible
    • Black and white colourants included

    HiGrip™ is a high friction calcined bauxite anti-skid surfacing system of exceptional durability and skid resistance for proven accident reduction at:

    • Intersection approaches
    • Pedestrian crossing approaches
    • Roundabout approaches
    • Freeway “off ramps”
    • Accident blackspots

    HiGrip™ provides reduced wet weather stopping distance up to 35% and is a quick and easy system that is easy to apply for minimal traffic disruption.

    With anti-slip characteristics, ColourTrack™ from MPS Paving Systems Australia has a comprehensive range of vibrant natural aggregates in all shades and colours suitable for:

    • Bus lanes
    • Cycle lanes
    • Pedestrian crossings
    • Tram crossings
    • Traffic calming applications
    • Factory safety zone demarcation

    MPS Paving Systems Australia offer high performance asphalt coatings that are specially formulated and flexible to move with the asphalt, but also hard enough to withstand heavy wear.

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