StreetBond from MPS Paving Systems is a unique range of coatings based on leading edge polymer, cement and epoxy technologies for asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Designed to withstand various weather and traffic conditions, StreetBond water based coatings are unlike any other solvent-based pavement markings, and do not contain harsh chemical solvents to harm the environment or people. Asphalt coated with StreetBond is fully recyclable.

StreetBond coatings are recommended for schools to create highly visual play and exercise surfaces, helping transform boring spaces into decorative masterpieces that will be enjoyed by students. Suitable for school asphalt and concrete areas, StreetBond coatings deliver multiple benefits including Australian slip and skid ratings making coated surfaces safe for play on wet days; and proven durability allowing easy maintenance and repair.

Using clever installation techniques and custom colour matching, StreetBond’s advanced coating system can help achieve striking architectural designs. MPS offers an extensive range of coating and painting solutions to enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of all types of sports and play surfaces.

MPS Paving Systems also provides qualified installers around Australia trained to execute the next big creative idea.