Available from MPS Paving Systems Australia , StreetBond CL is a high performance coloured surface coating used for bike priority lanes.

StreetBond CL is used with DuraTherm, offering optimised service life and improved safety for cyclists and motorists. This coloured surface coating is suitable for use on asphalt and concrete surfaces.

StreetBond CL features tested skid and slip resistance and constantly exceeds State Roading Authority requirements.

Simple to install with minimal disruption to traffic, Street Bond CL is a flexible surface coating that will not peel, shrink or delaminate and is also colour stable.

Colour pigments will not fade with exposure to UV rays. This coloured coating will not be affected by fuel spills and will protect the surfaces underneath from contamination. LEED compliant colours that feature Solar Reflectance Indexes (SRI) exceeding 29 are also available.

StreetBond CL is wear resistant in demanding conditions and will help to extend the life of the asphalt or concrete that it covers, meaning there is less new material consumption and fewer disposals of old materials.

These water based acrylic polymer coloured coatings are nontoxic and environmentally friendly.