Water has the unique power to refresh, rejuvenate and revive the body. The cleansing aura relaxes both body and mind, bringing a sense of tranquillity to your private space.

Living in close proximity to the sea, a river or a lake can be life-changing but will remain a desire for most. However, there are other ways one can still integrate the water element into the immediate landscape. Modular Walls lists out eight creative water feature ideas that can be incorporated into your garden or outdoor space.

Piano Fountain

Designed by Bill Metzgar, who converted an 1885 Steinway into a magnificent fountain, the piano fountain has water streaming out of the ivory keys, and gorgeous red and pink flowers sprouting out of the soundboard. The piano fountain is a great way to put your old, unused piano to good use. Just make sure your garden is sufficiently large to accommodate a grand piano without crowding the space.

Tea Pot Fountain

An idea recommended to all the tea lovers of the world, the tea pot fountain is made from an old corrugated iron teapot and whiskey barrel, set amongst delicate pansies, marigolds, or a striking large-flowered plant. The tea pot fountain is self-contained within the whiskey barrel, and has minimal impact on the garden surroundings.

Old Flower Pots

This is an excellent idea to repurpose old flowerpots from your garden by transforming them into a striking outdoor water feature. Simple in design, the clay pot water feature creates a rustic, home-like feel, perfect for country living as well as those who wish to bring an element of rusticity into their city backyard. Add some pebbles or flowers for extra interest and an element of brightness.

The Canoe Pond

The canoe water feature introduces a fun, nautical theme to your backyard. The self-contained design comes complete with a gentle pond and fertile plants, adding a touch of playfulness and flair to your garden without disturbing the other plants. Similar to the piano water feature, the canoe pond also needs a larger garden space. Be ready to receive native birdlife and enjoy the pleasant sound of their chirping. You could also add plants that survive well in water such as lily pads, Chinese evergreens, arrowheads or English ivy.

Bamboo Bucket Fountain

A delicate bamboo bowl with water gently spilling into the natural wood bucket creates a calming focal point for the onlooker. Fairly easy to construct, the bamboo bucket fountain is perfect for small, compact gardens or outdoor spaces and adds an Oriental vibe to the immediate environment. Place it anywhere from a backyard table or bench to a garden bed.

Simple Urn Fountain

Small yet bold, the urn fountain is a stunning addition to any garden setting, serving as a beautiful focal point against a backdrop of greenery. In addition to its visual appeal, the fountain will also draw local fauna such as birds for sips of cold, refreshing water on scorching hot summer days. Paint the urn in any colour and place it on a flat block of land.

Spiral Spray

The copper fountain spray water feature combines flair and originality, and can be tailored to suit your personal preference. While smaller holes will produce a large spray effect, larger holes will result in a free-flowing stream of water. Placing the spiral spray near grass or a row of plants will provide a constant source of water for the immediate vegetation.

Rain Chain

A simple but creative idea to test out in your garden space, a rain chain can be created by hanging chains from the roof gutter and letting raindrops drizzle down the chains. The rain chain of spoons is a clever and innovative way to deal with the issue of runoff, while also transforming the annoying downpour of runoff from the gutter into the pleasant sound of trickling water. Instead of spoons, you can try copper rings, a combination of bent forks and spoons, or terracotta pots.