Modular Walls has developed a new range of composite acoustic panels designed to mitigate noise pollution in urban and industrial areas by absorbing sound from the source.

Introduced in the market following comprehensive research and development, AcoustiSorb is a remarkable innovation that steps away from traditional concrete barriers, which simply bounce back sound onto another area, thereby, transferring the issue rather than resolving it.

Given the rising population densities in urban areas and the fast-diminishing buffer space between residences, commercial developments and infrastructure, noise is becoming one of the most contentious environmental problems with significant impact on the community’s quality of life and health.

With residential and commercial developments being approved along transport corridors, including railway lines and major roads, the need to insulate against noise is becoming increasingly important. Many local councils are now introducing strict acoustic guidelines for new developments, driving architects and acoustic specifiers and engineers to seek out new noise abatement solutions to help resolve the issue.

Noise mitigation with AcoustiSorb

In contrast to traditional noise barriers made from lightweight concrete, or simply landscaping, barrier systems using new sound absorbing technology offer a genuine solution to the noise pollution problem.

Nick Holden, founder and inventor of ModularWalls, has developed a composite acoustic panel, AcoustiSorb, which absorbs noise from its source.

“It’s no longer environmentally responsible to keep reflecting the noise back onto another area when the technology exists to remove this issue entirely from the equation,” Holden explains.

The AcoustiSorb acoustic panels have a proven sound transmission rating of 30-40 Rw (tunable for the solution) and deliver six-fold audible reduction and a sound absorbing coefficient (NRC) of 0.95, which means the panels absorb 95% of the transmitted sound instead of simply reflecting it back onto opposing areas.

Architects choose ModularWalls acoustic fencing

Residents adjoining a new community park in the Sydney suburb of Annandale are benefiting from the acoustic fencing by ModularWalls. Architect David Phillips from Phillips Marler Architects, chose ModularWalls to provide an effective acoustic barrier to help shield local residents from intrusive playground noise.

The SlimWall panel fencing system incorporates AcoustiMax50 panels, which deliver a proven noise reduction quality of 20+dB. The product’s acoustic performance was just one of the considerations that led to the architects choosing SlimWall for this project. The chosen barrier system was required to conform to the natural slope of the land, and in parts be easily affixed to the top of an existing concrete retaining wall. The barriers also needed to have minimal impact on all bordering vegetation and flora, whilst providing an aesthetically friendly backdrop for the fun and adventurous playground environment.

Representing a new generation solution for walls and fences, the complete range of acoustic modular fencing solutions from ModularWalls is Australian made and manufactured.