If you are in the market for a new fence or boundary wall, take a look at the benefits of our acoustic fence panels. From reducing the sound of the neighbour’s loud music to the constant traffic noise, Modular Walls is the perfect solution for your property.

Key benefits of Modular Walls’ acoustic fence panels:

  • Reduce sound travelling through the fence or wall.
  • Reduce sound up to 25 decibels (a 25dB reduction equates to a quarter of the loudness).
  • Provide better sound reduction compared to metal or timber fences.
  • The higher the wall, the better the sound reduction — Modular Walls can reach heights up to 3 metres.* 
  • Fast installation — typically installed within one to two days.** 
  • Install your fence or wall in front of an existing fence if the neighbours won’t agree to split costs.
  • More cost-effective than brick masonry walls in terms of material and labour costs.
  • Customise your fence or wall in multiple ways to suit your aesthetic.
  • Better privacy compared to timber fences with gaps between palings.
  • Choose between DIY or professional installation.
  • Australian made and manufactured.
  • 10-year warranty.

Other considerations:

  • To ensure maximum sound reduction, please ensure sound waves don’t bounce off other hard surfaces and back into your yard.
  • Overall, our acoustic fence panels can be more expensive than timber or metal fences.
  • For noise from pool pumps or air-conditioner units, you will need a sound-absorbing solution such as AcoustiSorb to reduce these noise issues effectively.

Overall, Modular Walls acoustic fence panels provide a fantastic solution for reducing various noise issues and complaints. Not to mention, our walls and fences offer a modern aesthetic that looks great with any home.

*The maximum height attainable for the different wall types will be influenced by various factors, including wind regions, soil conditions, topography and shielding.

**Installation times are a guide only. Times will vary per site according to the site’s conditions and do not include external factors such as weather conditions.