When Deicorp required a higher performance HVAC noise control solution to replace inadequate louvres, they turned to AcoustiSorb – one of the highest performing acoustic attenuation panels on the Australian market.

South Village is a metropolis of community living in Kirrawee, NSW. Developed by Deicorp Property Developers, it combines affordable services and luxury living, offering residents a vibrant integrated community atmosphere while providing unrivalled access to commercial precincts.

However, as with any major high-density residential development, the client faced challenges balancing services and noise control; predominately, the multiple rooftop HVAC units. Unfortunately, the louvred screens already installed had failed to adequately mitigate the HVAC noise, leading to increased noise complaints from residents.


AcoustiSorb high performance noise absorption technology

Needing a high-performance HVAC noise control solution, they turned to AcoustiSorb, one of the highest performing acoustic attenuation panels on the Australian market.

Harnessing revolutionary composite technology, AcoustiSorb is custom designed to meet the modern world’s toughest acoustic pollution challenges. With NRC ratings of >0.9, AcoustiSorb typically offers up to a 34Rw noise reduction, effectively removing 90% of the noise from the environment.

This project required acoustic enclosures for three different buildings, with each building presenting its own unique challenges:

  • The project had a very tight timeframe before the large crane was to be pulled down.
  • There were substantial wind loadings due to the enclosures being positioned on the rooftops of high-rise buildings.
  • The work was to be done on top of already constructed and partially inhabited buildings; therefore, they required the least amount of site disturbance possible.
  • Since the installation would penetrate the roof’s waterproofing membrane, careful and diligent re-waterproofing was required post-installation.

Combining aesthetic sophistication and superior acoustic performance

Modular Walls prides itself on going the extra mile and overcoming challenging site conditions to achieve the best result possible. Combining aesthetic sophistication and acoustic performance, ModularWalls offered and delivered a premanufactured, prefinished composite solution within the required timeframe.

Working with the crane’s tight timeframe, they were able to remove the existing louvre solutions and replace with custom, prefinished AcoustiSorb75 acoustic enclosures in record-breaking times, with the teams typically able to complete one building a week.

Each AcoustiSorb enclosure stood 3m-4m tall, including AcoustiSorb access gates. In addition, UBs were bolted onto base plates on the existing concrete roof to meet wind-loading specifications.

Finally, the exterior of the panels were powdercoated in Matt Charcoal, to harmonise with the architectural values of the development’s existing finishes.