Modular Walls founder Nick Holden elaborates on the durability of ModularWalls and explains how they stand up to the ultimate test – kids and pets.

If you have wondered about the strength of ModularWalls, read on.

How strong are ModularWalls against kids?

The backyard in the photos above features TrendWall, which has stood the test of time despite having soccer balls and basketballs thrown at it day after day. The added benefit of using TrendWall in this backyard meant the fence could go up to a height of 3 metres. The extended height delivers two clear benefits – the high wall not only helps ensure the ball stays in the backyard but also prevents sounds from reaching neighbours, thanks to ModularWalls’ acoustic properties.

How do ModularWalls stand up to pets and everyday living?

Given that 40% of Australian homes have a dog, pets should be an important consideration when planning outdoor spaces to prevent any attempt to escape as well as to contain potentially destructive behaviour within the property. ModularWalls is an excellent choice for daily contact with pets compared to other fence types, while keeping them secure at home. The rendered wall style finish is an added bonus for cat parents since there is no claw traction to scale the fence. For very boisterous pets, you can always customise your wall with texture, tile or cladding to create a pet fence that is durable and elegant. Additionally, the excellent acoustic benefits of ModularWalls with a 20dB noise reduction will ensure your dog’s barking will not disturb your neighbours.

ModularWalls are built strong to withstand the occasional hit from whipper snippers or lawnmowers. However, even if your whipper snipper or a flying pebble takes some paint off, the panels can be easily touched up, just like with any other fence.

Bushfire rating

Additionally, ModularWalls are bushfire rated to BAL29. You can also request a BAL40 rating, making ModularWalls a durable and versatile option for your property’s fencing. 

Watch this video to understand how ModularWalls stand up to the knocks and bumps of everyday life.