SlimWall with aluminium posts provided the perfect modern pool fencing solution for this home in Westlake, QLD. SlimWall is a premium fencing solution from Modular Walls that works with aluminium posts to offer designer aesthetics, high quality, durability and value for money.

When designing a swimming pool on their property, homeowners must consider many aspects from both financial and aesthetic perspectives. From pool systems, coping and decking to landscaping and pool fencing, each feature must be carefully considered before making the final selection. Decisions must be based on the budget while avoiding cheap, low quality solutions or those that compromise the aesthetic.

The Westlake homeowner sought a sophisticated boundary for their pool oasis while insisting on a cost-effective solution that didn’t blow out the budget.

Combining quality and value, SlimWall has transformed the fencing market, making the high-end aesthetics of rendered fencing far more accessible at a fraction of the price and a quarter of the install time.

SlimWall’s sleek design, noise reduction capabilities and ability to integrate lighting, infills, slats and more, make the modular fencing system versatile in application, helping homeowners create a truly magical outdoor oasis, similar to the Westlake home.

Australian Made for Aussie backyards, in Aussie climates

SlimWall installed with aluminium posts delivers long-lasting durability and weather protection to pool fencing installations in Australian backyards. Also available with the TrendWall system, the aluminium post option is perfect for coastal homes and modern pool fences that can’t stand up to particularly corrosive environments.

Though 85% of Australians live in close proximity to coastal environments, surprisingly, many ‘Aussie Proof’ fences are actually not covered by warranty if situated within 1km from the coast. With 13% also living with a pool in the backyard, this aluminium post option for SlimWall fencing is truly an Australian Made product, designed by Aussies, for Aussie homes, in Aussie climates.