EnduroMax by Modular Walls was installed as a road noise barrier solution along Captain Cook Drive in Kurnell, NSW.

Modular Walls was commissioned by the Road & Maritime Services (RMS) to design and construct a noise barrier along Captain Cook Drive. The new noise wall was installed to protect local residents from the ever-increasing traffic caused by residential developments within Shark Park, as well as heightened semi-trailer activity to Kurnell and the desalination plant.

Executing the project was quite complex since it involved high levels of consultation between public services and the local community. Custom-engineered foundation solutions needed to be designed around underground high-pressure gas, water and sewer services, requiring co-ordination with Sydney Water, Jemena Gas and Modular Walls engineers.

The installation was preceded by extended group consultations with the RMS and the local communities over two years to ensure the proposed design was in the best interests of all stakeholders involved. Eventually, a 2.4m high EnduroMax road noise barrier was installed, with an additional 1200mm of clear acrylic on top, allowing light to pass through while still blocking traffic noise.

EnduroMax is an ultra-resilient, high-performance modular noise wall panel, specifically designed for the extreme conditions associated with road, rail and civil infrastructure environments. EnduroMax meets or exceeds multiple road noise barrier specifications, including NSW’s RMS R271 (Design & Construction of Noise Walls), QLD’s TMR MRTS15 (Noise Fences) and WA’s MRWA Spec 904 (Noise Walls).

In addition, the EnduroMax offers a massive 80% carbon reduction project-wide against a precast concrete alternative, making it the clear choice for environment-conscious organisations.