mei+ picchi  is involved in designing, marketing and distributing of merchandising products and retailing systems.  in Australia and New Zealand.

mei+ picchi offers a wide range of showroom display products, such as poster hanging systems, ticket holders, brochure holders, signage display systems, acrylic build ups, jewelery display stands, merchandisers, accessory busts, essentials spaceline, grid mesh, clipwall, autopole, floor puck, merchandise units, wall systems, child forms, mannequins, torsos, cloth busts, body separates, body forms, hangers and racks.

The range of products that can be used as solutions for different purposes includes slot puck, shelving solutions, vitraclip, acrylic ticket and brochure holders, rods, stand offs, spaceline, mini and midi pucks, push button pucks and push ball pucks.

The range of mannequins provided by mei+ picchi include patina-v, from USA and eurodisplay from Europe.   Realistic mannequins and headless mannequins with cutting edge design are available at mei + picchi. At
mei+ picchi, Customers can choose from a wide range of mannequins that can be used for window presentations and other display applications as required.