Co-creation is a term used by ALU to describe the advantages of their revolutionary new Slider visual merchandising system. Co-creation also refers to the interactive nature of the system, which enables the end user to create great visual displays time and time again.

Slider visual merchandising displays incorporate graphics as an integral feature of the system and the displays created, ensuring that the design process does not stop with the installation of the system. Ongoing, active participation by the client in creating the wall and its display means that the Slider is always being customised.

Slider visual merchandising systems can be pulled apart and rebuilt in different configurations without the need for any tools. This makes it easier for individual users to change and contribute to the overall effect of the displays. The graphics and display boxes can be used as cabinets or shelves, resulting in a uniquely customised display that is adaptable to changing visual merchandising needs.

ALU Slider is a versatile system that encourages creativity and interaction, giving visual merchandisers and retailers a blank canvas to make their mark on, giving a greater sense of ownership, authorship and individuality.

Marketing and seasonal campaigns are easily catered for quickly with this no-fuss display system. Graphic panels are simple to install and update and can include anything from custom printed marketing material, timber, glass or acrylic panels, decorative images or even blackboard panels.

ALU Slider retail display systems are available from mei + picchi.