Manufactured by ALU Italy and distributed in Australian and New Zealand by mei + picchi, the new Slider modular merchandising systems offer a unique way to combine graphics and merchandising in endless configurations.

The Slider layering strategy means the system is deconstructed into the following three distinct layers that can build onto one another to create a functional display.

  • Communication - refers to sliding graphic panels between the wall mounted tracks. These graphic panels can be constructed from almost any sturdy flat material up to 6mm thick, including acrylic, cardboard, timber or glass. Panels can be used to add text and signage, colour or images to a wall.
  • Merchandise - enables users to build a display set up with rotating cabinets and display boxes. The cabinets and boxes can carry relatively heavy loads, and can be easily changed and moved due to the patented lock mechanism that holds them in place.
  • Display - additional accessories (such as forward facing arms or hanging displays) can be added onto the tracks to suit the products being displayed.
Slider modular merchandising systems are flexible and can easily adapt to seasonal and marketing campaigns within retail applications, but their versatility also extends into corporate, commercial and domestic applications.