Master Electricians Australia  (MEA) has introduced a new mentoring program for electrical contractors to help boost small businesses in the construction industry.

MEA’s new Pre-contractor Program will provide free mentoring and training in business management for electrical contractors, enabling electricians to access mentoring and training services free of charge, giving them superior knowledge and an added advantage in their business. 

MEA chief executive Malcolm Richards explains that the program aims to assist electricians start and maintain their own small business, and also empower them to make informed choices about their career pathway.

According to Mr Richards, many new contractors enter the marketplace without the skills or experience needed to run a successful business. While they may have the skills of an electrician, their lack of business know-how leads to failure, leaving long term electrical contractors to pick up the pieces when the new inexperienced business is forced to close down.

The Pre-contractor Program provides electricians the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade from an industry mentor, boosting the success rate of small businesses in the sector. The 12-month program would enable electricians to undertake the training and professional development necessary to progress forward in their career and help them build a successful business.

As part of the program, electricians will complete a nationally recognised Cert IV in Small Business Management, as well as develop skills necessary to advance into a management role.  

Mr Richards calls upon industry leaders to play a pivotal role in the program and give back to the sector by imparting their knowledge and experience to the next generation of managers and electrical contractors.

MEA are seeking applications from electricians interested in participating in the Pre-contractor Program or those with established electrical careers who are keen to become mentors.