Master Electricians Australia (MEA) has congratulated NSW Fair Trading for introducing a new bill that will cut red tape and boost productivity for small business.

The Mutual Recognition Bill 2014 will enable certain licensed occupations from other States, including electricians, to carry out their trade in NSW on the basis of the license they hold in their home State.

MEA NSW State Manager Jody McGann said the Bill made sense since it offered a low-cost solution to labour mobility issues that electricians in regional border communities have been grappling with for a long time.

According to Ms McGann, automatic Mutual Recognition makes it easier to do business in NSW, lift productivity and drive down costs for consumers, adding that Fair Trading has put consumer protection and businesses’ needs first by ensuring only appropriately qualified electricians perform work, while removing the need to hold two licences to do the same work in different States.

Disappointed that the Mutual Recognition Bill only applied to electricians and not electrical contractors, Ms McGann called for the bill to include all contractors, not just electricians. She explained that business drives the economy; by removing unnecessary regulation and costs for all contractors, the economy can be boosted.

Master Electricians Australia also applauded the NSW Government following its announcement it would expand and improve the NSW Energy Saving Scheme.