Master Electricians Australia (MEA) has issued an urgent safety warning to homeowners across the country, following the recall of two different brands of solar products on account of safety concerns.

Certain models of PVPower’s DC isolators and NHP branded DC solar isolator switches have been recalled nationally because of risk of fire and electric shock.

MEA chief executive Malcolm Richards said the solar products were sold through electrical wholesalers or direct to solar installers and were likely to have been installed in hundreds of homes throughout the country.

MEA urges homeowners across the country to quickly determine if they have either of these products installed in their homes. While the PVPower DC isolators may overheat and cause a fire, the NHP DC solar isolator switches could cause a deadly electric shock.

Mr Richards advises all homeowners to put safety first and confirm that these recalled products are not in their home’s solar array, before someone is seriously hurt or a home is destroyed.

The only PVPower products affected are from a batch sold between August 2012 and August 2013, while the hazardous batch of NHP switches was available for sale between 11 July 2013 and 11 February 2014.

All defective isolators and switches are required to be replaced. Homeowners may contact PVPower supplier DKSH by phoning 1800 006 137 or NHP Electrical Engineering Products by phoning (03) 9368 4088.

Mr Richards said homeowners should always be cautious when purchasing electrical and solar products, even from well-known Australian retailers.

He also advised homeowners to use the services of qualified electrical contractors who can supply items such as cables and associated hardware, and will manage the warranty of the products they install.