When TiO2 or titanium dioxide coating technology from MakMax Australia is used on PVC or PTFE membranes they inherit self cleaning properties far above conventional membranes. This is because a process called photocatalytic decomposition occurs. The TiO2 coating technology causes any organic matter, whether stain or pollutant, to decompose through simple oxidation.

The residue that is left does not stick to the surface of the membrane but is eventually washed away by water or rain. The sheeting action of the water, also known as the photocatalytic hydrophilic process, assures that no streaking is left behind on the surface of the membrane due to beading.

Another beneficial feature of this coating technology is that PTFE and PVC membranes that have been treated with TiO2 remove significant volumes of nitrogen oxide from the atmosphere. This happens when the TiO2 reacts with the air. Both nitrogen and sulphur dioxide from vehicle exhaust emissions are decomposed to produce cleaner, purer air.