MakMax Australia has partnered with Park Assist Australia to introduce innovation into car park design.

MakMax with their weatherproof full coverage car park shelters and Park Assist with their intelligent parking guidance systems have now come together to offer an innovative solution that transforms any regular open-air car park into a premium undercover parking area for an enhanced customer experience.

MakMax Car Park Shelters

The first to engineer waterproof full coverage shade for car parks and driveways, MakMax offers solutions for busy shopping centres, hospitals, councils, premium parking spaces and airports, increasing customer patronage and ensuring quicker return on investment. These waterproof coverage solutions are engineered by MakMax’s in-house professionals to suit specific requirements including rooftop car parks, at grade parking, lighting, signage and water retention.

Featuring membranes built using PVC or PTFE fabrics and a galvanised steel or powder-coat paint finish, MakMax’s car park shelters offer protection against sun, rain, hail and snow. Engineered and certified specifically across Australia, the car park shelters have a life expectancy of 20 years for PVC and over 45 years for PTFE. MakMax fabrics offer 100% UV protection while still allowing for high light transmission, reducing the need for lighting during the day. MakMax also offers the TiO2 self-cleaning fabric option for simple maintenance.

Park Assist guidance systems

Parking guidance systems from Park Assist include the PASE Web reporting system that turns parking patterns into a data goldmine, all accessible and searchable in a web browser; PASE Alerts that applies parking policies and informs security teams of violations in real time, manages staff parking, and monitors potential threats automatically; and PASE Surveillance that provides an unparalleled tool to visualise and deter incidents in parking structures.