Maintenance System  Consolidated supplies wide range of products for measurement and testing. Measurement and testing products can be categorised as pre-cut shims, laser alignment, motor analysis, fibrescopes, ultrasonic fault detection, precision balancing and borescope.

Maintenance System Consolidated offers stainless steel precut shims. The stainless steel shims can be obtained in standard and oversize models with 17 different thickness options. Pocket PK2 stroboscope can be used to freeze motor and machine shaft. PK2 can be used to find out the faults or the speed of the machines.

Videoscope V5 system from Maintenance System Consolidated permits remote inspection of various equipment such as piping turbines, gearboxes etc using remote viewing technology. The V5 system uses a point-click-view mechanism for direct transit of the data to the computer.

PVM300 borescope is known to be suitable for checking devices including gearboxes, pumps, motors etc. PVM300 has a diameter of about 10.5mm.

Maintenance System Consolidated also offers a wide gamut of products for infrared and oil monitoring purposes. The products offered can be grouped into four different categories such as grease monitoring, infrared thermography, oil analysis and lubrication management. Lube is a lubrication management software from Maintenance System Consolidated which can be installed onto any pocket PC and is known to provide assistance for designing a programme.