Maintenance System  Consolidated provides wide gamut of products for infrared and oil monitoring, vibration monitoring and testing and measurement. The product portfolio of Maintenance System Consolidated for monitoring vibration includes vibration protection, portable vibration, integrated CM software, vibration sensors and accelerometers.

Portable vibration portfolio includes RBMconsultant Pro Analyser. RBMconsultant Pro Analyser features colour display, sealed enclosure, high speed performance, data collection both high speed and dual channel data collection, gear analysis, etc.

VM42 Vibration monitor is known to offer both protection as well as monitoring of vibration.  VM42 Vibration monitor can be obtained as dual channel or single channel monitoring system with features such as alarm setting, trip facilities and LED readout device.

The 5550 Vibration switch is known to be suitable for medium or low speed machines that are employed for  initiation or activation of equipment shutdown. The vibration mechanical switch features weatherproof facility, remote electrical rest, optional hazard area rating.

IFM Octavis is used for online monitoring and is designed for a wide range of industries which deal with equipment such as compressors, fans, motors, spindles, pumps etc. IFM system comprises of diagnostic electronics, evaluation software, interconnect cables and vibration sensors.