The IRI 4030, available from Maintenance Systems Consolidated , is a dual temperature range thermal imager.

The IRI 4030 imager is calibrated with a standard range of -10°C to 250°C and has an added higher temperature range of 200°C to 500°C (this can be increased to 900°C if required). The IRI 4030 imager is ideal for applications such as kilns, furnaces and factories.

The IRI 4040 is a 4010 with a telephoto lens fitted. While the 4010 has 2x digital zoom capability the 4040 has optical capability, which means image resolution from a distance is not compromised.

The 4040 model has a pixel spot size of 0.9mm at 1m or 9mm at 10m, which makes it suitable for substations and powerline surveys. A sunshield is supplied with the 4040 for outdoor use.

The IRI 4030 imager can be used to do spot checks on switchboards, motor control centres and other close in applications.

The IRI 1020 adds image storing capability through SD card to the 1010 and includes IR software to analyse and report the faults.