Tait presents the Birdcabin designed as the perfect sanctuary for birdlife in the garden.

Designed and made in Australia by Tait, Birdcabin has been thoughtfully conceived to appeal to lorikeets and small parrots, as well as homeowners who are excited by the prospect of encouraging bird life back into urban gardens.

Birdcabin is a great way to add fun and colour to a home’s verandah or garden and enjoy potential visits from birds to enliven the urban space.

Tait’s Birdcabin is made from Spotted Gum timber off-cuts salvaged from the Tait factory floor along with a cleverly folded single piece of steel to form the sturdy structure. Like all Tait outdoor furniture and accessories, Birdcabin is built to last.

Conceptualised by Tait’s long-time production manager Wayne Bell, a passionate gardener and bird enthusiast who also drives sustainability practices in the factory, Birdcabin’s design and specifications have been closely shaped by Bell’s knowledge of the behaviour and nesting preferences of small native birds. Openings are carefully sized to allow a bird to fit in and feel safe, without being followed in by a predator, while the use of untreated timber addresses birds’ disdain of foreign smells.

Smart design features in the Birdcabin include a sloping roof to promote good ventilation and rain run-off; use of timber and metal perfectly balanced to create a lighter weight construction suited to hanging; perch thoughtfully set on the inside of the hole to make it harder for rodents to climb in, while doubling as a baby bird ladder to give newborns a leg up for their first flight; and a nifty hatch to facilitate spring cleaning.

The Birdcabin can be hung in a partly shaded spot, ideally from a tree branch to boost the odds of a bird identifying the structure as a safe habitat. Birdcabin also makes for a joyful addition to a balcony or veranda, and can be suspended from the ceiling.

The Birdcabin is supplied fully assembled and measures 250mm x 250mm x 150mm.