Melbourne-based furniture brand Tait has unveiled a new retail identity and an online store for their range of Australian-made furniture and accessories.

Designed in collaboration with the talented team at DesignOffice, Tait’s refreshed layout and interior identity at their Johnston Street flagship showroom feature a characteristically subtle design language in a beautiful colour palette inspired by the Australian landscape.

Tait’s first retail space, the Fitzroy showroom has, over the years, become an essential showcase for the brand’s furniture designs and homewares.

Tait’s Creative Director Susan Tait explained that they decided to revisit their store look and layout to ensure it would continue to feel welcoming and fun for customers. The colour palette, inspired by eucalyptus trees and blue skies, not only warms up the space but also showcases the product display effectively.

DesignOffice also introduced a range of practical finishes for the cement floor and a new floorplan to create the ultimate customer journey. The floorplan can also be adapted, allowing Tait to constantly update their product offering. The new design will soon be rolled out at the brand’s Sydney showroom.

Tait has also launched an extensive new online store that not only offers a wide range of the brand’s most popular furniture and accessories, but also allows users to customise product through colour and upholstery detailing to create the perfect setting from the comfort of their home.

Susan Tait adds that the online store will allow interstate clients to view a comprehensive range of the brand’s furniture and accessories.