Tait  creative director Susan Tait offers her insights into the new season colours with her Autumn 2014 colour palettes planned and ready to go.

Tait is already gearing up for 2014 with an exciting palette of autumnal hues that will freshen up outdoor entertaining spaces, while keeping the home warm and welcoming. 

Sharing her thoughts on the key colours for the new season, Susan Tait comments Autumn 2014 will see a lot of earthy warm colours such as terracotta and cream come into vogue; these will be complemented by slate blues, greys, and cool teal greens.

On the type of consumer demands influencing the autumnal colour trends, Susan Tait observes colours keep getting more sophisticated in response to a more sophisticated customer. With people seeking interesting tones that mix and match, the trend is towards a palette of colours instead of the minimalist look. Muted colours that blend well together with some highlight colours such as lemon or aqua make for a warm, inviting home.

Responding to the question about where the Autumn 2014 colours will be applied, Susan Tait says that Tait is applying colour to everything from furniture and planters to trays, allowing people to mix and match their accessories to suit their tastes and spaces. 

Customers can also mix and match their finishes at Tait. For example, contrasting a powder coat colour with a compact laminate can create some stunning effects and transform the mood of a table. Also, mixing the texture of natural materials such as timber and rope against solid colours to create a complementary palette allows each material to shine through. 

The copper trend also sits well with the autumn colour palette and makes for a great complement to Tait’s many colourways.  

The Autumn 2014 colour palettes will also be seen in Tait’s fabulous outdoor fabric collections.