Mace Industries , manufacturers of the Bumpa loading machine, have introduce the SHIFTA range of portable conveyors for rubble, aggregate, soilsetc, etc, which is ideal for the landscaping industry.

The SHIFTA range features lightweight aluminium construction; easily manoeuvred by 1 man; 2 speed motor; deep troughed chevron belt; large hopper for bulk loading. The SHIFTA can handle any load, any distance, up to 45˚ incline.

The SHIFTA portable conveyor range is designed to suit all landscaping material handling needs, including the transportation of mulching, sand, concrete and any other material that needs to be moved between yard, skip or truck.

The SHIFTA portable conveyor range brings the following benefits to landscape gardeners:
The all versatile and extremely portable SHIFTA portable conveyor will make the job of landscape gardeners easier, when it comes to transporting any materials between yard and truck and will provide additional flexibility of daisy chaining machines together to access those difficult to reach areas.