The time consuming, back breaking chore of loading repetitive heavy loads roof high becomes quick and easy with a BUMPA brick and tile lift and loading machine, carried on the roof of any small van, erected up and running in under 4 minutes.

The BUMPA brick and tile lift and loading machine, available from Mace Industries , has the capacity to clear a pallet of concrete blocks in under 1 minute or 1000 tiles in 25 minutes from single to 3 storey lift. This feature makes BUMPA a convenient tool for every roofer and builder.

Today's regulations state that one must provide a mechanical means for handling repetitive heavy loads, rather than relying on manual labour. BUMPA is proven to double the performance for half the effort, helping roofers and builders to compete and comply.

Features of BUMPA brick and tile lift and loading machine:

  • Quick to erect - up and running in under 4 minutes
  • 80kg Payload - loads tiles, fittings, felt bricks, blocks, mortar, etc
  • Continuous action - no waiting for platforms to be loaded/unloaded
  • Easily moved, repositioned in seconds.
  • Lightweight - (76kg) easily manoeuvred by two men even on difficult sites
  • Powered reverse for stripping salvage
  • Self contained - reliable Honda 4st Petrol or 110V electric motor (3kva supply)
  • Proven reliability - simple design, virtually maintenance free