Mace Industries  provide material handling solutions through a range of portable elevators, conveyors and loading machines. Using advanced design and manufacturing strategies, Mace Industries offer supply services for a range of elevators, roof racks and tile barrows. Mace Industries provide customised design and manufacturing services for a range of elevators. Uni-Loada is an elevator designed by Mace Industries that can be used for continuous material handling applications. Uni-Loada elevators are available with 240V electric motors. The elevators and conveyors manufactured by Mace Industries are easy to install and maintain.

The Uni-Loada elevators supplied by Mace Industries come in lightweight portable constructions. These elevators are available with locking wheels. The tile barrows manufactured by Mace Industries can be used for loading and moving paving materials, tiles, blocks and bricks. Tile barrows are made from epoxy coated steel tubing materials. The range of elevators distributed by Mace Industries includes tyre elevators, tile elevators, block elevators and shingle elevators.

The roof racks supplied by Mace Industries are manufactured from heavy duty zinc plated steel materials. Through the use of elevators and conveyors, the production and construction processes in mining and construction sites can be maximised.