Lincoln Sentry has been working together with Italian plastics company Gollinucci for over a decade to provide clever storage solutions for their customers. Gollinucci, which is one of Lincoln Sentry’s most popular brands, continues the Italian tradition of manufacturing quality products.

Having managed the Gollinucci account since 2013, Lincoln Sentry Category Manager Sophie Partington has witnessed the transformation of a modest Italian-focussed plastics business into the forward-thinking international production house it is today.

Recalling that the two companies have been working together for well over a decade, she said the collaboration has helped them design storage solutions ideally suited to their customers. Sophie added that the level of trust and respect shared between Gollinucci (formally known as Romagna Plastics) and Lincoln Sentry can be rare to find in today’s business world.

Since 2014, Gollinucci has been operating under the guidance of second generation owner Giacomo Gollinucci, who has taken great pride and care in expanding the family business created by his father Alberto in 1973. He said his father started Romagna Plastics in their home city of Cesena where he made inexpensive accessories for the kitchen, before expanding into manufacturing plastic components for European ovens.

Giacomo says his newly configured plant covers more than 10,000 square metres and employs 50 workers. Though the staff strength has increased and different products are being developed, he says their philosophy remains the same – to design and manufacture furnishing accessories that help make peoples’ lives easier every day.

Image: (From left) Gollinucci’s Roberto Gradari and Giacomo Gollinucci with Lincoln Sentry Category Manager Sophie Partington inspect the new laundry hamper, which was on display at Lincoln Sentry’s selection centre at AWISA 2016.