Home storage specialist Lincoln Sentry is employing advanced home hardware technology to create customised storage spaces in home offices.

The bespoke home office not only meets the needs of those working from home but also often doubles as a place to maintain home accounts or a spot for children to do their homework. Given its versatile use, the home office relies on clever design, highly organised storage and task lighting to adequately fulfil all expectations within the available space.

According to Lincoln Sentry, modern home hardware technology delivers an ingenious, unobtrusive means of increasing existing storage space while customising cabinetry for all members of the family.

The Finista Slim multifunctional aluminium system, for instance brings customised storage and work surfaces to any space, utilising every centimetre from floor to ceiling. Comprising of aluminium extrusions and brackets for drawers, cupboards, shelves and work surfaces, this aluminium system maximises the opportunity for creativity in terms of the size and shape of the office/storage components required while accommodating problematic features such as sloping ceilings, uneven floors or tiny spaces.

Overhead storage, which offers a great solution for storing bulky items, can be achieved with Blum’s Aventos HK in the form of upwardly opening doors that open to a wide angle and give full access to the space. For even more convenience, the doors can be fitted with Blum’s servo-drive for Aventos HK, a lift system that glides open at a single touch and closes again at the press of a small switch.

One of the most important elements of any home office space, the lighting system needs to deliver both efficiency and comfort. Lincoln Sentry says the Hera brand of LED lighting is affordable to install and cost-efficient to run.

L-Pad, a popular choice for home offices can be installed under overhead cupboards and shelves to throw light directly onto the work surface. A Red Dot Design Award winner, the L-Pad offers an LED life of 30,000 hours and a choice of high gloss white or black, plus a stainless steel look finish.

Power points need to be accessible without being visible. Also an international Red Dot Design Award winner, Lincoln Sentry’s range of EVOLine power ports is designed to be retractable when not in use, with the port featuring strong aluminium housing with connections for power, USB charging and data output.

Alicia Draper, program manager for Lincoln Sentry suggests high quality inner dividing systems from Blum’s ORGA-LINE for drawers to maximise the space inside the drawer and create sophisticated and custom designed storage.

She adds that the art of creating a highly functional home office designed to cater to a number of users involves maximising the organisational and ergonomic capacity of every centimetre of space. The best way to achieve this is to consult a specialist such as Lincoln Sentry.