Bathroom hardware specialist Lincoln Sentry has introduced clever storage solutions designed to increase storage space in the bathroom by up to 55 per cent.

Modern bathrooms face space pressures due to design evolutions that are responsible for introducing freestanding baths, larger showering bays and even soft furnishings, compromising storage space.

Alicia Draper, program manager for Lincoln Sentry explains that Lincoln Sentry’s smart storage solutions utilise dead space such as corners and undermounted basin surrounds to accommodate the systems, while optimising every centimetre of space in the drawer and cupboard areas.

According to Ms Draper, Blum’s TANDEMBOX intivo and antaro offer customised drawers to house all items compactly while systems such as ORGA-LINE create a designated place for even the most oddly shaped items, making sure no space is ever wasted.

The traditional wasted space in bathrooms such as the area around an undermounted or in-bench basin or the corner of an L-shaped vanity, are seen as prime opportunities by Lincoln Sentry to place customised drawers, including inner drawers that create two separate drawers within a deeper drawer cavity.

Lincoln Sentry also offers cupboards for storing towels and larger toiletries and accessories using the combination of TANDEMBOX and ORGA-LINE systems plus ease-of-motion options such as SERVO-DRIVE, necessitating only the lightest of touches to open the drawer smoothly and effortlessly while BLUMOTION is used for easy-glide soft closing.