Lifestyle Clotheslines stocks all the latest washing line products from Hills, Austral, Versaline and Ezyline plus a large range of washing line covers.

Washing lines are becoming more and more common today with the rising cost of electricity and energy bills.

Lifestyle Clotheslines stocks washing lines for any situation, from large rotary lines to the compact Versaline washing line, which is the latest design in washing line technology.

Also stocked by Lifestyle Clotheslines is the full range of Hills washing line products, Austral washing line and Versaline washing line systems.

Washing lines can be shipped to anywhere in the world by Lifestyle Clotheslines, with the UK and USA popular shipping destinations.

Retractable washing lines are becoming the most commonly used washing line today, as the average size of household blocks diminishes due to the rising cost of land.

The Versaline washing line is specifically designed for the small narrow blocks which are common today, as this washing line can be completely removed if required for such things as parties or entertaining.

Today’s washing lines can also save hundreds of dollars a year off energy bills, while also helping out our struggling planet.