Lifestyle clotheslines  is a specialist in clothes lines. It was established in 2005 and it is under the management of Nelson International. It provides the customer with good quality and guaranteed clothes lines.

The main objectives of Lifestyle clotheslines are reducing the demand for household energy, decreasing the emission of green house gases and enhancing health benefits, by means of using the clothes lines. The new innovative clothes lines are being introduced in the market for sale.

Lifestyle Clotheslines provides a wide range of clothes lines in latest designs and models. Some of the popular clothes lines from the store includes Folding head rotary clothes lines, Rectractable clothes lines, Fixed head rotary clothes lines, Folding frame clothes lines. Lifestyle clotheslines also sell varieties of clothesline covers. These clothes lines covers helps to change the clothes line into a giant umbrella.

Lifestyle Clotheslines provide the clothes lines of other brands like innovative Versaline clothes lines, Austral clothes lines, the Australian classic Hills clothes lines, new pegless Ezyline clothes lines and City Living clothes lines. The clothes lines can be purchased online and door delivery facility is also available without additional cost.