The new colour options for clothes lines covers, available through Lifestyle Clotheslines include emerald green, heritage green and an off-white/silver. These new clothes line covers are made from high-quality nylon taffeta material, which is waterproof and also comes with a quality backing, which increases UV protection.

A clothes line cover can turn any old or new rotary clothes line into a huge umbrella in just minutes. Providing a large safe shaded play area for the kids in summer, or for entertaining, parties and weddings, a clothes line cover is an ideal accessory for any rotary clothes line.

With a distinctive scalloped edged design and unique drawstring attachment method, the average person can install a clothes line cover in just a few minutes. The new clothes line cover range fits all Hills Hoist and Austral rotary clothes lines, including all fold away and permanent hoists.

The most popular colour of clothes line cover sold is the heritage green, which match the fold away style of clothes line. A clothes line cover can be used in many different situations, or it can have a range of purposes such as some of the ones listed below:

· Keeps bird droppings off clothes

· Provides protection against fruit stains and other airborne nasties.

· Protects clothes from harsh UV rays

· Gives kids a fantastic shaded play area.

· Covers up ugly up clothes lines

Clothes line covers are not recommended for permanent use and are designed to be an accessory only for the standard rotary clothes line.