Retractable clothes lines and washing lines have come along way in recent years, with Austral clotheslines now advanced and easy to use retractable clothes lines.

The Retractaway 40 clothes line is made by Austral clothes lines of Australia, who are one of the leading clothes line and washing line manufacturers in the world.

Retractable clothes lines such as the Retractaway 40 allow you to make the most of your garden space or living area as the clothes lines simply pull out when you need them, then when you are finished for the day the lines will wind back into the cabinet completely out of your way.

With Australs new improved line tensioning system you can install the Retractaway 40 up to a maximum distance of 8 or 10 metres, which provides up to 50 metres of clothes line drying area.

5 easily retractable clothes lines

The Austral Retractaway 40 retractable clothes line comes with 5 PVC coated lines that wont mark or snag your clothes and washing, and is available in two colours which are Heritage Green or Beige.

The Retractaway 40 clothes line can be installed in a number of different setups and arrangements such as from wall to wall, wall to post, post to post, or post to wall.

The posts can also be installed using ground sockets so that they can easily be removed for special occasions such as a party or game of backyard footy.

Totally Australian made retractable clothes line

With so many of today’s consumer products made in China, Austral clothes lines is one of the few last remaining Australian clothes line manufacturers, which is why Lifestyle Clotheslines stands behind Austral and their high quality Australian retractable clotheslines 100%.

Retractable clothes lines have so many uses and as they can be used inside and outside they are still one of the most versatile clotheslines available today.