A state of the art Airer can save the common household upwards of one to two thousand dollars a year in today’s economic environment.

With many types of airer, constructed of all different types of materials available today, there is an airer that is suited for all possible living situations.

The airer can come in many different styles from a rotary airer, a folding airer and an airer that retracts out of the way when not needed or in use.

Aluminium, galvanised steel or colour powder coated steel are the most common materials for an airer. Powder coated models can be almost any colour.

The airer is commonly found in homes throughout the UK, Australia and most of the western world, and is fast catching on around the rest of the world.

The airer is also a 100% environmentally friendly product, which helps out our struggling planet and gives clothes a nice fresh smell once they are dry.

Lifestyle Clotheslines has many types of airer available and can ship any airer purchased to any destination world wide.

The airer of today can be of huge benefit to most people as it will reduce energy bills dramatically, while also helping to reduce green house gas emissions.