Lick Light + Colour specialises in providing colour design consultancy to clients for their residential or business premises.

Terry Hogg, founder and owner of Lick Colour & Design advises clients on selecting the right paint colours for their walls.  

Having completed several colour and design courses at the School of Colour and Design in The Rocks, and having worked with several paint companies, Terry believes there is a real need for this unique field of expertise.  

According to Terry, this expertise goes beyond simply choosing paints as it involves an initial onsite consultation to identify colour-matching or decorating issues, understanding the client’s personal preferences and design influences, consideration of natural or artificial light sources, follow-up consultations onsite to discuss the proposed colours and appropriate paint finishes as well as suppliers for the job in addition to recommending painters and briefing them with the specifications.  

Painting is a complicated process requiring the services of colour consultants because it involves an extremely important design aspect of a house or business.  

The self-taught colour consultant is inspired by Dutch/German design and architecture. Terry senses that the trend is slowly moving from neutrals into colour, which is reflected in the colour scheme on the walls of his office-cum-apartment.  

The sophisticated open plan layout is complemented by a tasteful selection of paint colours on the walls that blends perfectly well to light up the room.  

Terry lists five reasons for seeking the services of colour design consultants:  

  • Adds value to the property, sometimes as much as 10% 
  • Attracts people to the property and makes it stand out in a crowd 
  • Prevents expensive disasters as paints and painters can be costly 
  • Creates an environment to suit the individual’s lifestyle or the business’ profile 
  • Improves the resident’s wellbeing and quality of life     
Peter Lang, a successful accessories designer agent has acquired the services of Lick to design the colour scheme for his home and showroom.  

Terry’s colour consultancy services are a great example of the design revolution with interior design transforming into a highly detailed process to create perfect living or working spaces.