Lick Light + Colour  is a Sydney-based lighting and colour design consultancy, delivering light and colour solutions for living spaces as well as work environments.
Lick’s founder, Terry Hogg has transformed hundreds of impressive commercial and residential projects to date, providing enriched spaces through the inventive and playful manipulation of lighting and colour design to a discerning clientele.
Growing up in the South Sydney suburb of Maroubra, Terry designed his first project when he converted the family garage into a design studio at the age of sixteen.
Terry moved to Melbourne where he continued his creative exploration through work in fashion and design. He subsequently moved to Europe where he was exposed to colour and lighting design, from the ancient colour palettes of the palaces and castles to the boldest cutting edge of contemporary design.
On his return to Australia, Terry enrolled in several design schools to gain commercially recognised credentials. During this period he joined one of the country's leading boutique paint companies where he honed his widely-celebrated colour-matching skills and crafted his technical paint expertise.
Carrying a design aesthetic that reflects an honest and raw approach to life, Terry combines his gregarious and captivating personality with a grounded realism to inspire his clients to explore their boundaries with colour and lighting while helpfully managing their fears and misconceptions.
Terry explains that his goal is to create a level of trust that borders a creative fusion and excites the client with the possibilities for their project. The first part of his job is to visualise and share it with the client. The next part involves taking the client through their own process of exploring possibility and adventure, especially their own emotional response to colour.
This ‘energy’ exchange along with his non-egotistical approach has been the key to the success of Terry’s company as his passion helps create some of Sydney's most exciting homes, offices and apartment buildings.
Describing his process, he says that he likes to mix it all up, using internal colours externally and vice versa, taking the focus off walls and feature ceilings or floors with colour. He follows the same principle for lighting, designing tastefully lit spaces that can be transformed into a kaleidoscopic night-time space, should the mood be required.