Bruce McCausland recently acquired the help of Lick Light + Colour paint consultants to enhance his apartment at “The Republic” in East Sydney.

The new space had been re-designed by London-based Architectural firm Boyarsky Murphy, but Mr McCausland wanted Sydney based Lick Light + Colour for the colours and finishes.

Artist Brendan Lakin was brought into the project to produce a customised textured paint finish for the animated curved wall that runs the entire length of the apartment. The result is that of a hundred year old stone wall that blends with the environment.

Lakin also hand-brushed the whole interior as it provided a mineral-like quality to the walls and ceilings absorbing the light at different angles.

A bold Klein blue colour was selected for use on the Kitchen Splashback and was repeated with tiled feature walls in bathrooms.

With attention to detail and the colour palette, Lick Light + Colour successfully transformed Mr McCausland's apartment into a fluid and contemporary living environment.