Kanga Loader  has designed a heavy duty 4:1 (four-in-one bucket) to expand the applications of its recently released 8-series skid steer loader.

The HD 4:1 is being manufactured to facilitate the needs of those handling heavy duty materials in building and construction, public works and drainage, mining and quarrying, landscaping, waste handling and general duties.

Applications of this multipurpose 4:1 include lifting, crushing, carrying, grasping and clearing.

It is especially suitable for site clearing of debris including rock, timber and other similar materials as well as awkwardly shaped objects.

Kanga has fabricated this new technology with additional reinforcing. Steel used is thicker than what is found on its standard 4:1 bucket, which gives the HD 4:1 added strength; and the unit has 50% greater capacity.

This stronger and more robust unit has a mouth that opens wider than is achievable using Kanga’s standard 4:1, while its performance is maximised through implementation of larger capacity hydraulic cylinders than the standard version.

One significant option is replaceable teeth. These make the unit suitable for digging, breaking up or prizing open materials. This means tips can be replaced if damaged or worn when the bucket is exposed to heavy material.

Other options include tooth edges for digging and breaking up, prizing open; or straight edges for clearing with a more level surface.