The series 2 loader from Kanga Loaders , known as the Kanga Kid, has a compact design that sees it fit easily in tight urban spaces.

Recognised as the world's smaller and user-friendly mini loader, the Kanga Kid has an overall track/wheel width of 800mm (which can fit through the average doorway of a house) and an overall height 1,210 mm.

Enhancing its performance is a lengthy list of operating features as well as an array of purpose designed attachments for a multitude of tasks.

The series 2 loader adheres to government guidelines on OH&S which incorporates Hand Arm Vibration standards, as well as internationally recognised risk management studies and procedures.

Available in heavy-duty wheels or tracks, the Kanga Kid has a very powerful vee twin 16hp Honda engine, simple and quick change of attachments that can be done in seconds, a full-flow auxiliary hydraulic power outlet, a large operator platform, soft touch controls for operator ergonomics as well as optional back protection bars.

Attachments include a standard bucket, 4-in-1 bucket, manure bucket, mulch bucket, rubble bucket, grapple bucket, bucket broom, power head, mixer bowl, augers, auger extensions and a trencher.

For lawn and garden care applications, a lawn aerator, turf cutter, carry-all leveller, hydraulic angle blade, rotary tiller and wood chipper are available. Multi tools include a tow hitch and ripper/hook, while specialised equipment include a rock breaker and vinyl stripper.

A self levelling bucket removes the risk of the operator tipping the load over himself or herself or over the machine. This reduces cycle times and makes for safe and easy operation by any inexperienced operator.

Generous bucket rollback allows easy filling and transportation without load spillage, with the arms fully lowered providing a lower centre of gravity.

A correctly sized bucket ensures that the load is limited to its rating and the machine balance is so superior in design it enables the loader to remain balanced either fully loaded or when the bucket is removed.

Other main safety features include a safety release valve that prevents unsafe overloading of its hydraulic systems, a rupture-proof fuel tank made of heavy gauge steel and non-slip perforated operator platform that is free from hot engine obstruction, while soft touch controls makes it simple and easy to operate the control panel.

The Kanga Kid has long-life linkable pins, a self leveling arm, enclosed hydraulic wheel motors, a vee twin petrol engine and optional heavy-duty Donaldson air cleaner.